How to Install Any Router – All Brands Modems

Installing any router around your working place or for the home might be a difficult task for the users who have no knowledge regarding router.  Here we are making your work easy by suggesting you simple and understandable steps that can be followed by any user who is trying to install a router. We will tell how to install routers properly. So, follow this steps to install any router.

How to Install Routers Properly

How to Install Routers

Step 1: Unwrap the router from its box

Whenever you purchase a router, you better be sure that all the complimentary accessories are available with you. These additional accessories are very important to install your router. These accessories may consist of an instruction manual which is facilitated with simple instructions that can help you to understand the installing process. Other hardware and software accessories may also be available.

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Step 2: Connecting router with the computer

  1. a) Wired router

If your router is a wired one or comes with a cable operated ISP(Internet Service Provider) then you will need a thick wire called as the Internet cable or occasionally know the ethernet cable also. You can put one end of the cable to the port available for the router and other will go to the Internet or WAN port of the computer provided at the processor. Since, there is only one port available for the computer it is easy to find it.

  1. b) Wireless router

A wireless router is easy to install when compared to the wired router. The name of the router plays a very important role while you want to connect your router to the computer. You can refresh your network and service center of the computer to find the name of the connection. Once found, you can click on the name and enter the network password that is used as a security code for the router.Remaining steps will be similar to wired router

Step 3: Refreshing the network

When your router is successfully connected to the computer, you can refresh your network for setting up the internet or the new network on your computer depending on your home or workplace requirements.

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Step 4: Access the homepage

you can only access your router when you know its private IP address set by the manufacturer. Private IP address is set for LAN(local area network) which enable to access the internet via the intranet. Every router has its own different IP address and we would like to stress to know your IP address in advance to prevent any kind of problem while accessing the Homepage. Once you know your IP address of the router, you can enter your IP address (192.168.l.l) along with “Https://IPaddress” (Https:// in the search box of the web browser directing it to the homepage.

Step 5: Login with user id and password

When you are directed to your homepage of the router, you will be able to see two text boxes requesting you to enter your router’s user id and password. Once you know your router’s user id and password it will be easy to login into the router and see its advance and basic settings.


If you want you can also customize your routers basic settings like changing the name of the connection, password for the wifi and other advance settings.

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