Default Router Passwords List Login Admin 2017

We will be providing you with the default router’s passwords list which can be used to login to the admin panel of the modem while configuring it. This Default Router Passwords List 2017 is updated one. It will be updated on monthly basis with new usernames and passwords. All the brands credentials will be given here.

Default Router Passwords List

Default Router Usernames and Passwords List

While configuring your routers you will need to open 192.168.l.l IP Address first. Then it will ask for the id and password you will need to find it from the list below and enter there. All modem brands are given here.

We even shared about ip 192.168.l.254 you can check it for more information.

Models Username Password Ip Address
BEFCMUH4 [none] admin
BEFSR81 [none] admin
BEFSRU31 [none] admin
BEFSX41 [none] admin 192.168.l.l
BEFVP41 [none] admin 192.168.l.l
BEFW11P1 [none] [none]
BEFW11S4 [none] admin

Default Router Passwords List

E2000 admin admin 192.168.l.l
E2100L admin admin
E2500 [none] admin
E3000 admin admin
E3200 admin admin
E4200 [none]1 admin Admin


EA2700 admin admin 192.168.l.l
EA2750 [none] admin
EA3500 admin admin
EA4500 admin admin
EA6100 admin admin Login 192.168.l.l
EA6200 admin admin
EA6350 [none] admin

Default Router Passwords List 2017

EA9200 admin admin
EA9500 [none] admin
WAG120N admin admin
WAG160N admin admin 192.168.l.l
WAG310G admin admin


WAG54GS admin admin
WCG200 [none] admin
WRH54G [none] admin
WRK54G [none] admin
WRT100 [none] admin
WRT110 [none] admin 192.168.l.l
WRT54GS2 [none] admin
WRT54G-TM [none] admin
WRT54GX [none] admin
WRT54GX2 [none] admin 192.168.l.l

Default Router Passwords List Download

WRT160E [none] admin
WRT160N-HA [none] admin
WRT160NX [none] admin
WRT1900AV admin admin
WRT1900ACG admin admin

Kindly, use these default router username and passwords and login to the admin panel of the configuration page and make the required changes. After making the changes dont forget to click on Save button and then reboot your modem or router.

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