Best WiFi Routers to Buy in 2017

Today, owning a best wireless router is a basic need for us. In order to treat them to be the best, we have to make sure they are the best and it depends on some of the factors. Wi-Fi routers are actually double of wireless mesh system using multiple connection points and making them stable to use. We will be giving specifications which well help you choose from these Best Wifi Routers. Each wifi router uses the 192.168.l.l ip address. So, here is the list of best WiFi router to buy in 2017.

Best Wifi Routers

Best Wifi Routers to Buy in 2017

1) Google Wifi

Google Wifi Router

Google has always affected the technology with its brand new innovations and there are back with one of the best WiFi routers of this era probably. Now, setting up and installing the router has become as simple as scanning a QR code. Google Wifi router gives you this ease features while you struggle to set a WiFi router. It is one of the best wifi routers.

1)Super simple setup

2)Limited hardware control

3)Lower AC rating

This WiFi router is considered to be as powerful as the Netgear Orbi router covering a wider space and giving a high-speed wifi facility. In India, It is available on Amazon at Rs  46,500

Speed: 802.11ac 5GHz down 101.41 Mbps

Connectivity: 2 x Gigabit Ethernet ports per Wifi point

We also discussed about 192.168.l.0 in the previous tutorial so you may check it out too.

2) Netgear Orbi

Netgear Orbi Wifi Router

We just mentioned this WiFi router in a comparison with Google WiFi Router. Netgear has been one of the legit manufacturers in the world of wifi routers. Netgear’s this model is one of the best wifi routers. Netgear Orbi is one of the best wifi routers they have found in the year 2017. It is actually a wireless mesh system covering a wide area and facilitated with high speed. Here are some of its advantage and disadvantages


1) Excellent coverage

2) Easy setup


1)  Mighty pricey

2) Finicky Wi-Fi band settings

When coming to its speed and  connectivity

Speed: 802.11ac 5GHz down 90.14 Mbps

Connectivity:  4 x 10/100/1000Mbps Gigabit Ethernet ports.

3) Starry Station

Starry Station Wifi Router

The Starry station is a new brand which has lived up to its promises. It provides two things which won’t let you chase down for the speed and wide range. Those two things are convenience and aesthetic. Being a Triangularly shaped router and a fascinating L.E.D display, This router has proven to be one of the best routers for your coffee table or the living room.

Speed:  802.11ac: 1,300Mbps 802.11n: 450Mbps

Connectivity: 2 x Gigabit LAN port

It is also embedded with speakers

4) Synology RT2600ac

Synology RT2600ac is a traditional wireless router facilitated with a network-attached storage device also called as NAS. It has got a ton of feature and hence it made this list.Here are the features

Features of Synology RT2600ac Wifi Router

1) 512MB RAM

2) 1.7GHz dual-core ARM Qualcomm IPQ8065 processor


4) beam-forming

5) 4GB flash storage

Here is the sneak peek to its speed and connectivity

Speed: 802.11ac: 1,733Mbps 802.11n: 800Mbps

Connectivity:  4 x Gigabit WAN, 1 x USB 2.0, 1 x USB 3.0, 1 x SD card reader

5) Linksys Velop

If there is any Wifi Router manufacturer that has given Netgear a tough call, it has to be Linksys. The Linksys velop makes a good agreement with the user about the setup and it serves as a mesh system as well. Here are the features of this router

Features of Linksys Velop Wifi Router

1) 716MHz quad-core ARM Cortex A7 processor along with beamforming

2) App-based setup

3) 802.11ac networking

4) dual-stream (2×2)

and speaking of its speed and connectivity

Speed: 117.46 Mbps single node

Connectivity:   2 x Gigabit Ethernet per unit

These are the TOP 5 Best Wifi Routers which one must buy in order to use internet. The Best Wifi Router means the router which provides the best signal quality and is durable. Select yours from this Best Wireless Routers and happily surf the internet with ease.

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