192.168.l.2 IP Address Manages Modem Panel

192.168.l.2 is a default IP address that is used by a home broadband router that helps to manage the routers control panel. Earlier we gave info about 192.168.l.l also. When we access this administration panel it allows it’s user to changes router’s configuration such as configure terminal,  hostname, enable secret password and no IP domain lookup. 192.168.l.2 is a private IPv4 network address that can only be accessed within the home network or the LAN(Local Area Network) can only be used by a router running on the local device. If the URL https://192.168.l.2 does not open within the browser then it’s clear that the IP address has already been taken up by some other device on the router or it does not belong to the router. 

192.168.l.2 Admin and 192.168.l.2 Login Settings are generally done by many internet service providers. These settings helps them to manage any of the router settings, whether its changing of the default login details or ip address changes. Ip addresses are of various types, but this ip which we have given information about is really very fast.


How does 192.168.l.2 IP address work?

The Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA), is the global organization that manages IP addresses all over the world. This 192.168.l.2 IP address can only be accessed only within the range of LAN(local area network) because it provides Intranet which is considered to be the subset of an Internet. We can access the internet via intranet but accessing the intranet through the internet will never occur. Only the devices that are under the association with the private IP address 192.168.l.2 can access it. This is why modems and routers can operate easily using the same, default, private IP address operated under LAN(local area network). To access a router from the internet, you must use the router’s public IP address which will be operated under WAN(wide area network). The 192.168.l.2 Admin Login is also done from the administrator panel of the router settings page. Open the ip in browser and make all the settings.

Here is the general or default IP address range that is used by The Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) to set a private IP address for a LAN(local area network)

1)10.0.x.x or




the ‘x’ that are mentioned in the 192,168.1.2 IP can have digits only. This will help you to configure your router properly.

How 192.168.l.2 IP connected to router

If a router or a modem uses the IP address 192.168.l.2 then we can login into the administrative console by simply typing the URL https://192.168.l.2/ in the browser. The router will ask for the username and the password. All the username and the password are same for the router that is manufactured by the same company.

Here are the list of common username and password
Username and Password for 192.168.l.2 Admin Login

1) The most common usernames are “admin”, “1234” or none

2)The most common passwords are “admin”, “1234” or none, along with “user”.

Reason for 192.168.l.2 being common

The manufacturer must use an IP address for the browser that must lie within the private IP address range. The manufacturer like Netgear and  Linksys choose the default IP address to be 192.168.1.x. Most of the time is a more logical choice but if it is not available then it is moved to 192.168.l.2 for the router. Settings and changes in the network connection are made very easily with it without any issues.

How to Assign IP address to a device

Here are few steps to follow while assigning the to the device running on local computer

1)Each local router that uses DHCP is configured with a range of private addresses.

2)The default set of private addresses ranges from to Most routers will assign IP addresses to network devices starting at the beginning of the range and IP address of higher level are not seen generally.

3) IP conflict may occur within the local computer’s device and router because of using the same IP address. This will disrupt the network communication for both the devices.

4) Also remember to save the network settings you have made.

192.168.l.2 Benefits

When we login with, most of the settings like network management, security options, IP QOS, DNS, Proxy, LAN, WAN, WLAN settings, DSL, DHCP client, PPPOE, MAC, WPS and DSL CNA be altered and managed to depend on the use of the client. For some routers 192.168.l.2 also helps in making the changes to or setting up the Wep security key. This key helps to protect your internet from others who may use it for free and consume your internet data. 192.168l2 Ip is really helpful whenever you wanna configure your router properly.

192.168.l.2 Login Admin can be opened in some routers as it makes it really very easy to configure network settings. You will quickly learn how to configure router using Admin IP Address.

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